EKEDAI provides laser engraving and cutting services as well as gift customization for our customers.
Customize your gift with either a picture, a text or wishes for any occasion.
Customize your personal item(s):
– Phone Case
– Business Card Case
– Pen

Customize gifts for your loved ones or friends
– Birthday Gifts
– Valentines’ Day Gifts
– Christmas Presents
– Customized Pet Tags

For Events or Special Occasion
– Company door gifts for events
– Wedding door gifts

What is the Procedure ?

Tell Us your ideal gift

  • What is the Gift ?
  • How you want it to be customized?

Drafting and Finalize the Design

  • Draft will be send to you for approval
  • Provide any additional details
  • Finalizing the design before production

Shaping the Gift

Sending the Gift to you

  • *Via local or oversea postage depending on the mailing address you provide
  • Or self collection



*Additional charges will be included

Material that can be engraved on or cut:






  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum



File Format accepted for engraving/marking:
–  .jpeg
–  .png
–  .pdf
–  .dxf
–  .crd
–  Others (Please Consult us for further advise)


For any enquiry, please contact us at info@ekedaionline.com , we will reply within 1 – 2 working days.